Who We Are


'Making Dreams Come True One Event at a Time’


      We are an innovative, fresh face modeling and consultant agency, who promotes positive diversity, self-assurance, influence, and assist models with grace, integrity, moral and confidence through consultation, coaching, performance, and events. TMZ & CO is fresh on the scene and we are here to stay, founded with a dream of a model who wants to do more than just be a pretty face in this industry.

     In 2012, shortly after transforming her look, the dream of modeling flourished when the opportunity presented itself as producers were eager to add a unique beauty to their shows. “Zo” was birthed. A God given gift awakened and TMZ & CO emerged.

     Since her first catwalk, opportunities have been afforded to Zo. She has cat walked throughout Central Arkansas, Missouri, South Carolina, and the list continues to grow. She has been featured in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, seen on KARK, her portrait is showcased in a photography gallery, and has modeled for emerging designers of Arkansas Fashion School and celebrity designers including Lacie Cupani, New York Fashion Week Designer Donna Brown and Freddie Reynolds (AFS Alum), and Project Runway Finalist Mychael Knight, and now publicly speaks to youth and young adults in the Central Arkansas area. Consequently, with Zo’s growing exposure, models begun reaching out for guidance; therefore, through our faith, expansion naturally began happening to assist performing and aspiring models with their dreams. Here at TMZ & CO models will learn proper techniques, receive professional coaching, and participate in events to gain professional experience to perfect their craft and build a solid career. 

     Zo and her family have taken their passion to help others and merged it with fashion to teach models, young and mature, the craft beyond the runway (business) that was not taught to Zo and the importance of branding, while building up the community around them. With strong connections to the community and helping less fortunate people there was only one thing to do, take Zo’s brand and put it to better use. With her motto “The Runway is my Stage”, Zo has made it her mission to continue building the platform to do the work behind the scenes, and that is to be the beacon of light, encouragement and the voice for those who are often overlooked and not heard.

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